About us

Foreword from the Chairman:
PlasmaAir AG has set itself the goal to advise companies on the installation of ventilation and exhaust air decontamination systems in the best possible way. We develop optimum concepts specifically adapted for each customer. These concepts fulfil all economical and ecological goals. Particular emphasis is set on energy efficiency, optimum working conditions at the installation site and low emissions into the environment. It goes without saying that valid legal emission levels are considered while designing your decontimation system.
Usually these legal emission levels are easily met and emissions are far below those limits. This results in high protection of your employees, your neighbours and our environment.

To achieve this, we offer a wide range of services.
One of our key activities is the detection and the analysis of emissions.
To accomplish optimum emission detection, tools such as flow simulation and visualisation are used in preparation for the measurements.

To optimise the suitable separation technique for your application, we use test systems and necessary test and analysis technologies.

Our excellent contacts with renowned research organisations enable us to solve even complex problems efficiently and successfully.

In addition to standard methods for decontaminating exhaust gases, PlasmaAir AG emphasises particularly the further development and use of plasma technology. We have developed unique technologies which are applied to specific problems.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need an energy efficient, ecologically and economically optimum solution for your exhaust gas problem. It is both a challenge and aim for PlasmaAir to engineer a suitable and efficient exhaust-air plant for your application.

Over the past few years, the importance of exhaust air decontamination has become apparent. State-of-the-art processes currently enable the decontamination of those previously untreated exhaust gases in an economically viable manner.