Business fields

Plasma technology

  • Water vapour plasma torches
  • Multigas plasma torches
  • POU systems for CFC decomposition in semiconductor industry
  • Water steam plants for CFC removal in chemical industry
  • Non thermal plasma technology of odour reduction

Engineering for exhaust gas cleaning and plasma technology

  • Concepts for taking exhaust gas from the capture to the stack
  • Planning of ductwork

Plant engineering and construction

  • Planning constructing and building process plants and exhaust gas cleaning systems
  • Chemical scrubber for
    • Exhaust gas from foundries, air scrubber for amines
    • Separation of HF, HCl and ammonia from exhaust gases
    • Odour reduction using oxidative scrubbers

Wet scrubber for volatile alcohols

  • Ethanol scrubber
  • Methanol scrubber
  • Isopropanol scrubber

Combination of odour and dust reduction in exhaust gas

  • Dry filters with coating of activated carbon
  • Venturi scrubber

Activated carbon filters

  • Odour reduction

Emission measurements and analysis

  • VOC measurement
  • Measurement of physical exhaust gas parameters
  • Odour measurement
  • Dust measurement

Research and development

PlasmaAir is a partner in several research projects.