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PlasmaAir AG is a company that opens new paths for environmental engineering with high technology and modern processes.

Water vapour plasmas are highly suitable for treating exhaust air streams containing CFCs (fission plants for CFCs).

Pyrolysis processes with hydrogen plasmas and/or methane plasmas are the basis for energy-efficient processes for the production of hydrogen (turquoise hydrogen).

In addition to plasma technology, PlasmaAir develops solutions for exhaust air purification, air pollution control and odour elimination for industrial exhaust air problems and installs the customised system technology.

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From the disposal of waste containing CFCs to the reduction of disturbing odours, we are at your service.

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Our competences

PlasmaAir AG covers a wide range of engineering disciplines. As a leading developer of plasma technology, we offer our customers a wide range of services and our employees a diverse spectrum of tasks.

In the field of arc-heated plasma sources, we build turn-key systems for customer-specific applications – such as the production of hydrogen – with various plasma gases (e.g. steam, air, nitrogen, hydrogen) including power supply and peripherals (electrical outputs of 1–100 kW).

The construction of exhaust air purification systems, e.g. of ethanol-containing exhaust air, is a further main focus of our work.

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