Plasma Technology

PlasmaAir AG has a long expertise in developing plasma systems for different applications.

The main product is a water steam plasma torch with focus on a long lifetime of the electrodes.

The Plasma Torch

Conventionally used arc heated plasma torches work with argon as a plasma gas. For some applications nitrogen is used. For the here described PFC reduction process an oxidising plasma gas is required to assure the chemical reaction process. The main problem using oxidising gases is the short lifetime of the electrodes. This limits the operation time of the system. Building an exhaust gas cleaning system, a continuously operating system that is functional for several 100 hours is required. Therefore, a new plasma torch was developed. The focus on the development was to achieve a lifetime of min. 800 hours using water steam as plasma gas.

The power level for the application was fixed between 5 and 20 kW. This is the level that is required to treat typical exhaust gas streams containing PFC coming from production processes or from processes in the semiconductor industry.

Parallel to the torch the complete equipment necessary to operate the torch was designed. A special evaporator, cooling cycle and the power supply were developed and optimized for long continuous operation.

The same torch can be operated without changes with several other plasma gases. It was continuously tested with water steam, air, pure oxygen and nitrogen. Instead of argon, hydrogen can be used to protect the cathode from erosion.

The system can be scaled up and down in power range.

Beside the application for CFC or PFC decomposition at high temperatures the torch system can be used for:

  • Plasma spraying
  • Plasma pyrolysis
  • Surface treatment
  • Plasma cutting