CFC Decomposition

Plasma cracking using the PlasmaAir water steam generator:

The steam plasma torch was developed as heat and radical source for a process of CFC decomposition. The process will be described in details.

The process gas is mixed into a steam plasma jet. Through the high temperatures and the available radical the CFC will be cracked and react with the oxygen and the hydrogen coming from the water plasma to CO2, HCl and HF. The reaction takes place in a high temperature reactor. The hydrofluoric acid can either be neutralized or recovered.

The exhaust gases from the high temperature reactors could be fed to an exhaust gas scrubber.

Applications for plasma cracking

  • Plasma cracking is favored used to dispose of small amounts of off-gases from manufacturing processes where flammable gases are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Destruction of CFC/HCFC/HFC from fridges, foams and spent solvents.
  • Destruction of hazardous off-gases exiting manufacturing processes
  • Disposal of HFC R 23 waste gas coming from R 22 production plant.
  • Disposal of SF6, CF4 etc waste gas coming from production plant.
  • Disposal of CF4 NF3 etc Nitrogen gas coming from semiconductor industry

Plasma cracking technology benefits

  • Proven better 99,99 % DRE
  • Classed as non-incineration
  • Non-Catalytic
  • Non flammable heating gases
  • CO and dioxin emissions well below current standards