Your Clean Air – Our Challenge!

The PlasmaAir AG is a company that opens up new paths in environmental engineering using and adapting high-technology and state-of-the-art processes.
The products and processes from PlasmaAir add valuable contributions to air pollution control. The removal of contaminants from exhaust gas flows or the elimination of odours is contributory to constrain harmful emissions from the environment.

Professional solutions for processes to decontaminate exhaust gases, for air pollution control and to eliminate odours.
Developed by us. Built for you.

  • Plasma Scrubbers to decontaminate exhaust gas in the semi-conductor industry
  • Thermal plasma sources with steam as a process gas
  • Non-thermal plasma sources to reduce odours
  • Bio-filters
  • Chemical wet scrubbers for harmful exhaust gases
  • Adsorption systems for exhaust gas containing solvents
  • Mobile test systems
  • Emission analyses

Perfect Solutions to your problems.
From the disposal of waste containing CFC to the reduction of noxious odours, we can deal with it.
Our test and analysis systems and PlasmaAir’s competent staff can determine competently and professionally your problems .
PlasmaAir AG = Innovative Solutions!