Plasma typically consists of a mixture of ionised particles, electrons and neutral particles. If the electron temperature is approximately equal to the heavy particle temperature, it is referred to as thermal plasma.

The thermal plasma generated by PlasmaAir AG’s arc-heated torches can reach well over 5,500°C.

  • Electrical power between 1 kW–100 kW

  • Plasma gases: water vapour, air, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.

  • Turn-key plants including the power supply

  • Can be integrated into customer plants, e.g. for pyrolysis

At PlasmaAir, the unique properties of thermal plasmas (high temperatures, chemical radicals) are used technically to convert thermally very stable materials into simple elements, wire into powder, waste material into energy, and methane into hydrogen and carbon.

Exhaust Air Treatment

  • Wet scrubbers for dust separation, e.g. Venturi scrubbers

  • Chemical absorption scrubbers, e.g. amine scrubbers

  • Sieve tray scrubber for the separation of volatile alcohols

  • Adsorption plants with fixed-bed adsorbers, e.g. activated carbon filters

  • Combination process of dust and aerosols, e.g. for exhaust air from battery test stands