Arc heated plasma torches (PB) for atmospheric pressure

Our PB plasma torches are at the heart of our plasma systems for the disposal of pollutants and waste-to-energy processes. They were developed as a pioneering solution for the thermal treatment of waste streams and material conversions.

PlasmaBurner With reactor

PBO Burner

The burners of the PBO series can be operated with oxidative plasma gases such as air, steam or CO2. Different sizes between 1 and 100 kW electrical power are available for different applications, such as fission plants for CFC disposal, waste treatment, conditioning of pyrolysis gases, etc.

water steam plasma

PBC Burner

PBC burners are optimised for operation with methane as plasma gas.

Sizes between 8 and 100 kW electrical power are available.

Typical applications are e.g. methane pyrolysis, hydrogen production and R&D.

water plasma burner

PBI Burner

PBI burners are optimised for operation with oxygen-free gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, ammonia, argon or helium.

Sizes in the range of 1–100 kW electrical power are available.

Applications: fission plants for CFC disposal, waste treatment, pulverisation of metal (3D printing), cleaning of surfaces, plasma cutting, pyrolysis of ammonia, gas heating, R&D.

electrical controll system

Direct current sources

Power supplies adapted to the torch technology are required to operate the plasma sources. PlasmaAir has developed robust sources suitable for industrial use for this purpose. The sources are current regulated and equipped with an ignition system optimised for the sources.

The systems are modular and can be adapted to the power of the respective sources.

The power supplies are equipped with interfaces for integration into a higher-level control system.

We supply turn-key systems including process control and monitoring.

electrical controll system

Turn-Key Plasma Systems

PlasmaAir supplies complete self-sufficiently operable plasma systems including the peripherals required for operation such as gas supply and cooling system.

The systems are equipped with a PLC control system. This enables fully automatic operation and process monitoring.

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